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How to add a Photo or Gallery

Monday, May 19th, 2008

1) Go to

How to add a Journal Entry

Monday, May 19th, 2008

1) Go to and select “Add Entry”
2) Username:
3) Select “Write” from the top navigation or “Write a post” under the “Welcome” headline

Journal Entry Screen Shot
4) Choose a “Category” for the entry (e.g. Cabin Related or Family Gathering, etc)
5) Write a title and select “Save and Continue Editing”
6) Write your body copy and select either “Save and Continue Editing,” “Save” or “Publish” to take it live on the site.
7) If you want to add a photo to the story, upload your photo using the browse/upload feature and select the “Send to editor” button. You can choose to have it display as a title of thumbnail so when you click on it, you will view the full size photo, or you can choose to have it display as a full size photo from the get go. (I chose “Thumbnail” for the screen shot above. Note: a) You can delete the photo by clicking on it and hitting Delete on your keyboard. b) You can also reposition it by putting the cursor where you want to drop the photo before you hit “Send to Editor”
8) When you’re happy with the post, select “Publish” to take the journal entry live.

9) Sign Out in the upper right corner of the masthead.

10) To edit, select “Manage” from the top navigation menu, select “Edit” next to your article and go for it.